First of all, I just want to thank you for the Interview. Seriously, anybody who says they are not impressed with the accomplishments of Mulatto is speaking from a jealous tongue.

How  did you guys form?

I formed the group Mulatto at home in a  homemade rehearsal studio with the blessings of my parents in 2003.Former lyricist and vocalist Diondre Tribble wanted to collaborate with me in 2005. I composed the music and began to contact musicians that I had played and worked with from Long Beach who had been classmates. I graduated from Long Beach Poly high School in 2006. Members of the band are Luke Aiono - guitar, Margis Miles - drums, Markay Fairley - Keyboards, Tom Terrell - trumpet. This band is still together and will debut with a new lead vocalist in the near future.
You guys really went from 0 to 60 in seconds, what was the turning point that really pushed you into the spotlight?

The turning point was playing the Hollywood Circuit, developing a fan base, and then ultimately getting to put together a show and perform with NAS.

I have watched your video's and you all seem really humble and appreciative of what has been thrown your way, how have you all been able to keep a level head.

We are very appreciative and respected by many in the industry because of our musicianship, motivation, and drive.
So we all want to know, did you get a chance to meet with David Letterman and if so, what's he really like?

David Letterman was nice and professional. After the band performed he seemed speechless. He enjoyed our performance.

How about NAS, how is he to work with as on a personal basis?

NAS is really cool and respects and appreciates our level of musicianship. As his Music Director, he trusts the bands performance, drive, and motivation.

What other famous faces have you worked with?

As a supporting band I have worked with Kenny Lattimore, Chante Moore, Keri Hilson,

Now, like I said..Mulatto got big fast.Describe what it was like the first time you walked out on stage in front of thousands of people

It was great to perform in front of thousands of people who appreciate the band.

You kind of remind me of that George Clinton and the parliament funkadelic style of music (which may I say I love). What was the influence that made you want say "mom, I am going into the music industry"?

I listened to a lot of bands from the 70's. My mom had influened me to listen to everyone from Van Halen to John Coltrane.

"NAS is really cool and respects and appreciates our level of musicianship."
What was your family and friends first response to you wanting to be a musician.

My parents raised me to be a musician. Especially my mom who is a multi-instrumentalist, musician and was once touring and performing in her younger days. My dad managed bands and wrote lyrics . She is now the Director and Founder of the Rhythm Regiment Drum Corps. Getting a real job is for me is to compose, do recording sessions, tour, and get a record deal, be a producer, and Music Director as I am doing now.

Throw out some advice to those who are just entering the music industry today

My advice for those who want to become a part of the music world is to practice, listen, pay attention and learn from everyone past and present. All styles of music should be respected and listened to. Develop your own music style and create from the heart and work as a team.
"My parents raised me to be a musician."
Nas “Y’all My Niggas”  with music performed by Mulatto
When we think of the perfect combination in today's world, some might think of a #6 on the value meal at your local fast food joint or even the day chocolate and peanut butter came together in perfect harmony to form the peanut butter cup. The one thing we can all agree on, when the right combination comes together to hit on all cylinders.... The results can be both explosive and always leaves you wanting more. Meet Dustin Moore, founder and designer of the perfect combination.
“My mission.. in life with music is to spread love and peace to all people across this world and the universe” LiV3
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